Flickboards Championship Match - Office Tournament at Weisser Distributing

Flickboards Championship Match - Office Tournament at Weisser Distributing


Read the following as if you're Bruce Buffer introducing a UFC Match... )

AAAAAAAAND NOW… IT’S TIME… For the Championship Flickboards Match at Weisser Distributing in Sioux Falls, South Dakotaaaaa! 

Who do YOU think will win it all? Did you back the winner? Find out by watching the highlights from the Championship Matchup (Best of 3 Games) between John 'The Sniper' and Corey, AKA 'Mr. Trickshot’. 


Special thanks to Weisser Distributing for hosting the Tournament at both their locations in Las Vegas and Sioux Falls. We appreciate all who were able to take part, and we’re so glad you all had so much fun with it! Congratulations to both Champions, Luis in Las Vegas, and (__No_Spoiler!__) in Sioux Falls.

Are YOU interested in hosting a Flickboards Tournament at your school, company, business, or organization?
Shoot us an email at info@flickboards.com with the subject FLICKBOARDS TOURNAMENT, and let’s get in touch to see what we can do!

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Thanks for visiting, and hope you enjoyed watching this as much as we enjoyed making it. Take care & have a good one!

- Jim Braunschweig, Flickboards Founder

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