2014 - 2022
The Beginning

In December 2014, Jim Braunschweig, with the help of his father, Jerry, created the very first Flickboard as a Christmas gift for Jim's 4-year-old son, Brady. The game became an instant hit within days of playing it with friends and family! 

Over the past seven years, Jim, Jerry, and his family were busy acquiring collegiate licensing agreements from several colleges/universities in the region (the most notable of them being Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, USD, NDSU, Creighton, and Purdue), and marketing their Flickboards® products exclusively through their website and selling them at craft shows.

With a lot of hard work (literally building each board by hand in their garage, and shipping them from their home) they grew sales organically with very little advertising and marketing dollars, but by word of mouth from a lot of satisfied customers!

How Flickboards Started and First Product Pitch - February 2nd, 2016

2023 and Beyond...
The Future

In April of 2022, Flickboards® began a new partnership with Weisser Distributing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

With Jim and Jerry's knowledge of the Flickboards® products and customer base, and Weisser Distributing's proven success in e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution, they are now ready to scale the business and bring their patented Flickboards® products to the masses. Their goal: Make Flickboards® a household name, and the NEW game-day competition and tradition!

Memorable Moments

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