The Beginning

In December 2014, Jim Braunschweig and his father, Jerry, created the first Flickboard as a Christmas gift for Jim's 4-year-old son, Brady. The game quickly became a favorite among friends and family. Over the next seven years, Jim, Jerry, and their family secured collegiate licensing agreements from several universities, including Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, USD, NDSU, Creighton, and Purdue. They marketed Flickboards® exclusively through their website and at craft shows. With hard work and dedication, they built each board by hand in their garage and shipped them from home. Their sales grew organically through word of mouth from satisfied customers and here we are today.

  • Crafting Success

    Building early models in the garage by hand.

  • Family Affair

    Jim & Brady at a craft show building the Flickboards® brand.

  • On The Go

    Through hard work and dedication, Jim brought Flickboards® to fans all across the region.