• Objective

    • Be the first player to score five times.

  • Play Action

    • One player starts by flicking the game-chip from behind their own 35-yard line towards the opposing end zone.

    • Players alternate turns, flicking the game-chip from where it last stopped.

    • Play continues with each player flicking once per turn until a score is made.

  • Scoring

    • To score, a player must flick the game-chip into the opponent's end zone.

    • After a score, the scorer kicks off, and the sequence repeats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the penalties?

• If the chip leaves the board or lands on a non-playing surface, including leaning against or on the game board edge or goal line barriers, it’s a penalty.

• The opposing player then receives two consecutive flicks of the game chip starting from where the game chip left the game field.

What is a touchback?

• If the chip crosses the opponent's goal line without scoring, it's a 'Touchback'.

• The opposing player then starts their turn from behind their own 20-yard line.

Do I have to use all the pegs?

• No, for beginners or younger players, use as many or as little pegs in the board as you like to help simplify the game.

Are there alternate rules?

• Yes! For more skilled players, whenever the game chip hits a peg, it becomes the opposing player's turn and they are awarded two flicks from where the game chip came to rest. If the game chip first hits a peg and then comes to rest in the opponent's end zone, it is still a Touchdown.

Can I make my own rules?

• Yes! Make the game as easy or as challenge as you would like!