Flickboards Friday: Game 4

Flickboards Friday: Game 4 - Ellie vs. Jim (1/27/23)
Ellie Braunschweig (9) vs. Jim Braunschweig, Flickboards Founder (Record 2-1)

One of the best things about Flickboards is the ability for people of all ages to play a quick game - face to face - and enjoy one another's company and conversation. *a nice break from the screens and technology...

In this video, you'll get a chance to meet Jim's daughter, Ellie, and learn more about what she's interested in AND what she wants to do when she grows up! *This girl will move mountains someday.

We also introduce you to one of her favorite brands, FC Goods, which makes leather goods from vintage baseball glove leather! (fcgoods.com) *She seriously loves it, is full of ideas of how to promote it (like collaborating with Gucci), and is always wanting to help out FC Goods and Flickboards in any way she can. In fact, she actually helped shoot our very first video of the year!

Enjoy the video, and, if YOU have a Flickboard - be sure to get in YOUR OWN #FlickboardsFriday Game with friends and family!

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